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The Best in Radar Detection and Laser Protection Systems

The RL200i, provides you with maximum radar range through the concealed front radar receiver. When installed with the Laser Defuser g5, you're protected from all forms of police radar and laser used today.
Your K40 remote radar systems are installed by master technicians, ensuring that your system not only matches your driving style, but is discreetly and elegantly integrated into your vehicle's cockpit. Let us build a system for you today.

• New LED Brightness Control -- 5 customizable LED brightness settings. Allows you to adjust the intensity of the LED depending on the time of day or your visual preferences.

• Quiet Ride --The K40 RL200i allows you to set a minimum MPH detection speed that eliminates all audible alerts until the vehicle exceeds that selected speed. It's ideal for long road trips or when you only want to be alerted if you exceed a set speed limit.

• New Remote Control -- Completely redesigned with easier access to the most popular features.

• It's invisible! You'll only know it's there when you need it -- Unlike any other radar detection system or portable radar detector on the market, the K40 RL200i is invisible. No plugs, no wires, no unsightly box to compromise the elegance of your automobile's interior, or draw the attention of police or vandals.

• Custom Warning LED -- An LED discreetly integrated into your automobile's cockpit alerts you of radar threats. A voice or tone will notify you of the the band frequency being used. No surprises. You're in control and free to drive without limits.

• Customized for the way you drive -- Where do you live? What is your primary driving environment? Urban highways and city streets? Rural roads and low traffic interstates? On the open road, how fast do you typically drive? Who else drives your automobile? The K40 RL200i features, some of them noted below, can all be programmed and customized for your automobile and the way you drive.

• NEW Mark to Mute or Mark to Alert -- The K40 RL200i allows you to build your own data base of locations that are important to you.Mark to Alert for locations such as dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones and portable speed cameras. Mark to Mute specific radar bands for locations such as automatic door openers, security systems etc.

• Speed Monitor -- This feature gives the driver a constant audible alert whenever a preselected speed is exceeded. The interior LED will also illuminate. Great for young or new drivers and accidental lead foot. Self control. Parental


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