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ACAM350 - Basic 3.5 inch LCD rear observation monitor. Today people are distracted by many different factors when in the driver's seat. To avoid serious accidents that could occur simply mount this 3.5" LCD monitor to your dashboard or windshield that will automatically turn on when your vehicle is in reverse. It is compatible with most video back-up camera's and will give you assistance and reassurance in driving.

LCDM40A - Replacement rear view mirror with embedded 4 inch LED backlit digital monitor. The LCDM40A replacement rear view mirror fits most Ford / GM / Chrysler and Jeep mounts and includes adapters for Toyota and Honda vehicles. The 4-inch backlit digital monitor provides improved high brightness and selectable alignment overlay lines. The LCDM40A monitor is compatible with any Audiovox/Advent hardwired camera and/or any observation camera with an RCA video jack.

LCD4WM - 4 inch LCD dual input windshield mounted monitor. The LCD4WM 4-inch high resolution (4:3 ratio) LCD monitor offers direct connect capabilities with commercial grade cameras and includes RCA plug adapter for use with any camera. There is also a 2nd camera input or dual input for