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Reasons Why To Tint Glass

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Affects Of The Sun:

- Fading Of Interior Carpets, Furniture, Pictures, And Belongings/Clothes

- Build Up Of Heat In Some Room(s) And/or Spaces

- Sky Lights Allowing Extra Heat As Well As Light Into Room(s) During Daytime

- Excessing Run Time Of Air Conditioning Unit(s)

- Too Much Sun Glare Coming Through Window(s)


Benefits Of Tinting Windows:

- Three To Five Year Payback Due To Energy Savings Achieved

- Reduces Heat & Glare Through Doors w/Glass, Windows, And Entranceways w/Glass

- Minimizes Fading Of Interior Items

- Provides Daytime Privacy To Family Members Or Workers

- In Case Of Glass Breakage, The Applied Tint Film Helps Hold Glass Pieces Secure


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