Terms of Use:

1. Gift certificates expire exactly sixty months after their actual in-store purchase date.

2. Certificates have NO cash value, so no cash or credti/debit card refund will be given.

3. Certificates can only be used for in-store purchases and/or associated labor costs.

4. They are non-transferable, usable only by deemed person(s) designated "Recipient".

5. "Proof-of-Purchase" receipt is required for redemption in loss of an issued certificate.

• Need A Great Gift Idea For Those 'Difficult-To-Buy-For' Recipient(s)?

• For A Special Person's Birthday, Graduation, or up-coming Holiday.

• Need Something Different For Your Up-coming Club's Raffle Event?

• Unsure About The "What", "Kind", "Type", or "Model" They Need?

• Want To Secure It Now & Let Them Schedule An Installation Later?

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Pro Tint Gift Certificates

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